Who I Am

I am a writer. I make words obey me.

I got my degree in Professional Writing & Rhetoric from a small liberal arts university in Southwestern Illinois. But most of my writing grit comes from trying new things, finding and taking opportunities, and applying a healthy dose of elbow grease.

Read a couple testimonials about my work below, or check out my work for yourself. Oh, and feel free to send me a connect on LinkedIn!

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.


“Anna has added immense value to [our company]. Her content and marketing strategy has increased traffic and leads through our organic growth efforts. She routinely goes above and beyond.”

—Small Business Founder/CEO

“Anna is extremely efficient and often thinking far ahead for [our church’s] communication needs. She is detail-oriented and forward-thinking.”

—Senior Pastor

My HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification